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Dorothy Briggs

Dorothy Briggs


Edmonton, AB  

Bus: (780) 761-3000

Cell: (780) 777-8688        

Fax:  (780) 761-0077            

E-mail: Dorothy.briggs@shaw.ca







Dorothy Is the founder and publisher of Womanition® Magazine, a venture so successful that it quickly led to an entire network of Womanition Connect Groups throughout the province uplifting and empowering women in countless communities, plus continues to educate, motivate, and inspire business women, through the thriving Womanition Mentorship Program, and the Womanition “BizBrigade” Leadership Conference,  honoring their achievements with  the innovative Womanition SuPEARLative Awards – now called the 5 Pillars of Womanition.


Vavasaur Elite features and its strength in your community promoting entrepreneurs, business men and men who have products and services to sell. The meaning, a leader of men is in the 1600s, a Vavasaur was hired by the King or Queen through a Baron to lead the common man, the vassals.


Divorce Magazine was conceived because of a need for people going through an impossible time of grief, lose, disconnection and much more. The magazine, a resource for people to reach out to the professionals who offer expertize to encourage them to grow in themselves beyond this troubled time legally, financially and spiritually, etc.

It’s stated we have a 43% chance of getting a divorce in Alberta. It makes you stop and think – wow – that is a high number.  The Canada divorce rate is 33% according to Stats Canada - so why is Alberta so high. I also heard a contested divorce could cost up to $100,000.00 per year. Amazing… Why is this? A Divorce Symposium is now offered to provide information in an all-day event.


Association of a Community Engaged in Sharing, a registered non-profit organization.

Women, children and homelessness are our main focus.

Combating prejudice and discrimination through Mentorship and Networking measures.

Womanition Magazine

2016 Gold Award – Graphic Design

2015 Platinum Award – Magazine Design

2015 Gold Award – Magazine Design

2014 Platinum Award – Magazine Design

2013 Platinum Award – Special Edition Magazine

2012 Platinum Award – Production & Design Magazine

2011 Three Gold Awards – Magazine Editions

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Womanition SuPEARLative Awards

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2016 Gold Award - Special Edition Magazine

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