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Member:  Catherine M. Christensen

Catherine Christensen


Catherine M. Christensen

Barrister & Solicitor

222, 200 Carnegie Drive

St. Albert AB T8N 5A7

Phone: (780) 544-2200

E-mail: cchristensen@valourlaw.com

Web: valourlaw.com



Catherine Christensen is the owner and founder of Valour Law. When she studied military law in law school, the Lt Colonel who taught the course encouraged her to work with military families since she “got it” even as a civilian.

She brings a wealth of life experience to her law practice that gives her an insight into the realties and solutions twisted up in any legal issue. Catherine’s biggest joy from being a lawyer is getting closure for people so they can move on with their life. She gives people the options to get to their “clean break” and makes a complicated situation less complicated for everyone involved.

Her clients appreciate her open mind, quick wit and no-nonsense, non-judgemental approach.   And also that she is known as a strong advocate for her clients in Court. Her military clients love that she understands their lingo—from the rekky to the intel to knowing that situational awareness is crap without situational understanding when planning the best tactics to use in the battle.

Catherine has represented members of all the branches of the Canadian military. She has dealt with the issues of the guys in the ranks and the guys in the officer corp. It is not uncommon for her to take on cases where a former partner wants to move the kids to the other side of the country, claims from former spouses for an extra cut of a soldier’s biggest asset—his pension and extracting guys from messy domestic situations where the ex is trying to use military service as a parenting liability to deny them parenting time with the kids.

Catherine is active as a volunteer to the military community. She has been a House Ambassador for Valour Place, a “home away from home” for military families needing medical care. She is also a frequent presenter and advisor at the Edmonton Garrison working with the MFRC where she provides military families with the information they need for their unique family law matters and estate planning needs for deployments around the world.

When not practising law, Catherine likes to travel and read trashy novels. She also likes to follow the latest archaeology news from around the world. She lives in the St. Albert area with her son who is a Flight Sergeant in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. She looks forward to him becoming an airline pilot so he can fly his great mom all over the place (he hasn’t convinced her to buy him his own plane and runway… yet).


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