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Cara Photographers

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Carling Hood


Cara Photograghers


Edmonton AB


Phone: (780) 966-2272

Email: info@caraphotographers.com


Web: caraphotographers.com




Carling Hood is the co-founder of Cara Photographers.


Cara Photographers is an Edmonton based photography, design, and marketing company specializing in helping small businesses.


At the young age of 17, Carling moved from Edmonton to Vancouver by herself to attend the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, to pursue her passion for photography.


As a professional photographer, Carling has assisted many different companies with unique photography that has been used for advertisements, menus, magazines, and logos. She strives to provide her clients with bold and original images to best represent their business.


In this heavily visual age, photography has an enormous role in the success of sales, advertising, and marketing. Having a weak visual impact can mean the difference between a new client and a missed opportunity. It may be tempting to save a few bucks by asking an amateur friend or family member to help you with photography, but the difference will be noticed. A professional photographer has more than just an expensive camera, I have the expertise to make you look like the best version of yourself or your products. I know how to setup the lighting and angles to make the image flattering and attractive. My technical skills will create an image that leaves an impression, which helps other people see the vision of yourself and your business that you want to communicate to them.


Cara Photographers provides photography to represent products, food, interiors, head shots, and real estate.


Let Cara Photographers help your business grow!


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